Vision and objectives

Arriving at a shared vision

STEM NH as a statewide coalition is in its early stages.  The vision below represents a starting point.

Our vision is for all students in NH to have opportunities to:

  • Learn foundational STEM knowledge and skills, including Computer Science and Engineering, in the core PK-12 curricula.
  • Apply artistic creative processes, the scientific method, and engineering design and development process.
  • Utilize and develop communication and collaboration skills.
  • Exploring the connections between the STEM disciplines, their relation to the humanities, and their importance in our world.
  • Determine their own education along clearly defined pathways that lead to high-skill, high-demand occupations.

More about vision > (external draft / working document – Google docs)

Achieving our vision

Our objectives include:

  • Facilitate communication and collaboration
  • Develop consensus implementation guidance
  • Curating curriculum, instruction, and assessment resources
  • Connecting educators with effective professional development

More about objectives > (external draft / working document – Google docs)